We follow the philosophy of our parent company, Air Water Inc. We dedicate ourselves and our resources backed by the entrepreneurial spirit and pride in creation and development of businesses linking air, water, the earth, and humans.

Our name embodies our mission: to create and conduct enterprises that effectively use our planet’s air, water, and other irreplaceable assets, for the purpose of making a meaningful contribution to our fellow human beings across the globe.

We are making efforts to dynamically develop new businesses by identifying community-based businesses and the roles we should play for people in those communities while enhancing the collective strength of our Group. We have expanded our business domains from industrial gas and chemical-related businesses, which play active roles in various industrial fields, to medical business, energy business, agriculture/food business, logistics business, seawater business, and aerosol-related business, which involve the lives and living of people. Through collaboration between over 240 of our divers Group companies and the pooling of their various strengths, we will continue to tackle solutions to problems faced by customers and society and rise to the challenge of crating new value.

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