Mobile Hydrogen Recharger


Features and Benefits:


No Drop and Swap

  • Liquid Hydrogen Transport with high pressure pumping system
    • Enables filling of tube trailers on site
    • Reduced real estate footprint required

Large Payload, Multiple Drops per Run

  • 1004Kg Hauling Capacity @175psi
  • Enables multiple fills off single run

Increased Driver and Asset Utilization

  • Minimize idle tube trailers

4,091 gallon capacity tank (1,010 kg usable liquid hydrogen storage)

Trailer: 49 ft long, 102” wide, approx. 13 ft height

Storage Tank maximum allowable pressure (MAWP) : 175 PSI

Pump Capabilities:

2.5 Kg/min at 86 MPa

ASME SEC. VIII, DIV.1, MC-338, CGA, NFPA 2, ASME B31.12 compliant

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