Mobile Hydrogen Refueler

refueler inside

Features and Benefits:


Mobile Fully Integrated Fuel Station

Large Storage Capacity

  • 172Kg high pressure hydrogen gas storage

Remote Monitoring and Data Acquisition

Credit Card Payment Systems (POS) Available

Flexible Mounting Options

  • Trailer or Skid Mounted
  • Approx. 172 kg high pressure hydrogen storage
  • Skid: 50 ft long, 8 ft wide, approx. 11 ft height
  • SAE J2601-1, 2, & 3 compliant dispensing unit
  • Option to integrate 3rd party credit card payment system (POS)
  • Option to add remote monitoring and data acquisition
  • Option to package on trailer or skid
  • CGA and NFPA 2 compliant

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